Terms & Conditions

Terms and Condition

The Online Horse Sale’s function is to bring the buyer and seller together for a smooth and easy transaction. All responsibilities and guarantees lie between the buyer and seller! We encourage buyers to examine the horses that interest them prior to the auction ending. Any buyer who stops payment on a check will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, to the performance soundness, merchantability, and fitness for any purpose or breeding soundness of any horse offered in the sale. The right to No Sale all horses is reserved for all sellers and will be announced at the end of the auction. It is understood that The Online Horse Sale shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to any person, animal, or property arising from or occurring during or in connection with the sale.


Title to and risk of loss passes to the buyer when the animal is labeled as sold by the auctioneer. Immediately after the horse is sold, it will be the sole risk of the buyer. Seller will provide board and care for 3 days free of charge after auction is over. After 3 days the buyer will be charged $20/ day for feed and care. Buyer is responsible for any sickness, injury, death, and vet expenses as soon as auction is over. We strongly recommend for the buyer to get the horse in his/her possession as soon as possible!


It is the buyer’s responsibility to transport the horse. We work with a few different transportation companies and can also try to help arrange a ride.


Payment must be made in full before the horse can be picked up by the buyer/ hauler. Payment must be made via cashier’s check, wire transfer, or cash only. If payment has not been made within 5 business days, the buyer forfeits the opportunity to own the horse unless other arrangements have been made between the buyer and the seller. In the instance that the winning bidder fails to make payment within 5 business days, the second highest bidder will have the first chance/option to buy the horse with his last bid as long as it meets the set reserve. If you do not have adequate funds, DO NOT BID! If you are the winning bidder and fail to pay for the horse, you will be removed from the site and will be prosecuted by the law!

Auction Platform

During an online auction, if there is a technical malfunction with the auction platform, the auction will be stopped. The issue will be promptly fixed and then the auction will resume. All auctions will have a soft close, meaning that in the last 5 minutes remaining of the auction, it will extend for 5 additional minutes once a bid is placed.